Entry #2

This is getting annoying

2010-04-30 05:08:22 by llennnn16

C'mon, this is the longest i've waited for something to approve me. jesus h christ. I just want to upload and play some of my music here but i can't because "it needs to be approved".. fuckin a


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2010-04-30 07:59:15

The list was recently backed up with 1000+ submissions, while the mods have probably halved that number it still takes longer than usual to get approved, 1 week (+- another week) longer than the normal 2 week max.

If 3 weeks pass without your audio being approved then you can try to upload another piece: If you can upload it then you are not banned, if you get a banned message then your first work broke the rules and got you banned. If you are not banned and 4-5 weeks pass then you can contact an audio mod and ask kindly about your submission.

Reasons for being banned 'n shit: http://rig.newgrounds.com/news/post/1 21398